Timothy Buckles' Infamous Aliyah

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It used to be that when someone presented himself to you as a Jew, there would be no reason to question it. Although I am more wary these days, for a number of reasons, this past week - I was duped.

A bearded gentlemen, donning Talleth and Tefilin, showed up at our “Power Minyan.” He was wearing a plastic hospital bracelet, and said that his wife just had a baby girl and he would like to name the girl during the Keriat haTorah.

We obliged.

The man read the berachot flawlessly and gave us his wife’s name and the name of the new baby in perfect Hebrew. We wished him a mazal tov.

After Tefilah, we asked him who he was, and where he’s from.

Tim Buckles, and he’s from Everett.

Now what would a modern “Hasidic” – looking Jew be doing in Everett? What kind of Jewish life is there up there?

You see, Seward Park is just too darn expensive….

Uh huh…

A trusty minyan attendee was suspicious and started looking into this person’s background. Mr. Buckles, in the internet age, it’s pretty tough to be a practicing charlatan!

Tim Buckles is none other than Timothy Layne. He is not Jewish. He is one of the leaders of the Tzemakh David Messianic group in Everett WA.

That has not stopped Rabbi Tim from trying to get a foothold in the Orthodox community, including an attempt at infiltrating Chabad outside of Seattle.

Look, it’s a free country, and people can believe in whatever religion they want, even make up their own religion which somehow reconciles classical Judaism with the belief in Jesus as one’s personal savior.

It’s the deception that’s troubling. I’ve put a call into Matthew Steele, President of the Tzemakh David Messianic group, to request that his congregants, maybe even his rabbi (?) conduct their missionary work elsewhere.

You see, in an effort to “win souls”, Mr. Buckles, Layne, or whatever his name may be tomorrow….feels that God is on his side.

Below: Clockwise: Buckles-Layne in one of his Yeshivish moments...note the picture of the Hafetz Haim (!) in the background; Tzemakh David women, who embrace the divinity of Jesus, would not dare show a strand of their hair...Rabbi Tim on a brief break after some intense Tzemakh David davening!

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