Ladies Auxiliary: Muriel Thompson & Julie Bensimon

From the beginning the Ezra Bessaroth Ladies Auxiliary has been the strength, backbone and heart of our community.  Whether it’s the Bazaar, cooking for Sephardic Adventure Camp, replacing the refrigerator and moving the freezer, fixing the roof, paving the parking lot, or helping the Synagogue financially, the Ezra Bessaroth Ladies have always devoted their time, energy and love to our community. 

Starting in 1916 the Ezra Bessaroth Ladies have held a wonderful Bazaar.  The Ladies spend countless hours baking the wonderful Sephardic foods for everyone to enjoy and preserve the traditions to pass on to future generations.  There is also something very special about the friendships we make while baking.

The Ezra Bessaroth Ladies Auxiliary has enriched our community with plays, Mother-Daughter-Son dinners, cooking for camp, Mah Jongg Tournaments, Lunch & Lashon and many other enjoyable functions.

We hope the younger generation will join us so they can learn and carry on this wonderful tradition.